Demo - Online Content Management in action!
Try our demonstration of the Online Content Management WYSIWYG editor. To start please identify your session with your e-mail address and click proceed. This demonstration takes you directly to edit the content part of a typical business page.

Text and Images: The content editor allows you 3 views of the page selected by the page tabs.


Edit mode shows only the designated content part for editing and also provides a button to toggle layout view allowing table column and row manipulation.
Source Mode or "CodeView" is the expert mode and shows the underlying HTML code for editing.
Preview mode shows the complete page (including header, menus and footer) as it will appear online.
Image Gallery: There is also the facility to insert images from the "pop-up" image gallery. In the production version images can be uploaded directly from the user's PC desktop. For simplicity we have provided some demonstration images for you to try.
Note: The site page that you edit is private to your browser so you can edit as you please and preview the result in complete safety. In the production system pages only go live when they are set live in the site manger interface.
Please note: Internet Explorer at version 5.5 or later is required to use these tools and editing facility. We recommend Internet Explorer 6 for Windows and Firefox 1.5 for Mac OS X users. Pop-up blocking should be disabled for using the page editor.
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 * Our policy on the use of e-mail addresses is to only send information about this product with the users express consent.
    E-mail addresses are never passed to 3rd parties.
  Cool.CMS main features
Online editing and site control and access management all through the CoolCMS web browser interface.
Easy natural WYSIWYG editor i.e. what you see is what you get visual layout.
Editor includes expert mode for source editing.
Include and manage images in site pages
Preserves site native fonts and colours.
Layout control even with complex tabular layouts.
Menu management - full management of site menus and links.
Multiple undo and complete revert features to avoid mistakes.
Delivers pure HTML - The site is as available and as fast as the hosting server.
Security - All updates controlled by secured access
Administrator and operator access levels.
Mobility - Updates can be done from any PC
No extra hosting server or PC software to install
Works with the existing site which remains on the current hosting server. 
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