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The help system allows you to find solutions to commonly encountered problems. The list is continually updated as new problems arise. Browse or search through the help/FAQ database to see if your problem is answered there. If you do not find the complete answer please email us to create a new issue submitting your name, organisation and problem description. You will receive an answer by e-mail, and in some cases notification that we have posted a new solution to this knowledge base.
  Cool.CMS main features
Online editing and site control and access management all through the CoolCMS web browser interface.
Easy natural WYSIWYG editor i.e. what you see is what you get visual layout.
Editor includes expert mode for source editing.
Include and manage images in site pages
Preserves site native fonts and colours.
Layout control even with complex tabular layouts.
Menu management - full management of site menus and links.
Multiple undo and complete revert features to avoid mistakes.
Delivers pure HTML - The site is as available and as fast as the hosting server.
Security - All updates controlled by secured access
Administrator and operator access levels.
Mobility - Updates can be done from any PC
No extra hosting server or PC software to install
Works with the existing site which remains on the current hosting server. 
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